About Us

AfREC produces research, teaching, training and other collaborations with partners to address sustainable development challenges and responsibilities and to strengthen wider Australia-Africa relations. The Centre drives innovative and ethical collaborations between Australia and Africa – a dynamic and diverse continent of 55 countries and 1.3 billion people – and draws upon the important knowledge, ideas and experiences of growing African-Australian communities.

The AfREC logo, which is shared with the UWA African Students’ Union (ASU), was designed by Abdi Hassan, a UWA Juris Doctor student and AfREC Member. Abdi’s interests include legal history, critical socio-legal theories, pre-colonialism and colonialism in Africa, migration, international human rights law, and displacement in times of conflict. According to Abdi, the purpose of the AfREC emblem is to highlight the vibrancy of the peoples, cultures, and histories of the African continent. This arrangement of multi-coloured polygons takes inspiration from the continued movement of peoples and traditions across the continent. It is both a statement of diversity and individuality.