UWA Centre hosts Africa Mineral and Energy Economics course

The Centre for Exploration Targeting hosted 28 participants from 12 African countries as part of a ‘Mineral and Energy Economics’ short course. This Australia Awards Africa short course, funded by the Australian government, is designed to build knowledge and broader leadership and organisational management skills in the mineral and energy sectors for early- to mid-career professionals involved with mineral resources exploration, exploitation, and governance, including the formulation and administration of related regulatory and fiscal regimes.

In August, the eight week program commenced in South Africa with modules delivered by the course co-delivery partner, the University of Witwatersrand. Subsequently, the remaining four weeks were delivered by the Centre for Exploration Targeting, a partnership between University of Western Australia, and Curtin University.

During the program, participants had a chance to visit Alcoa’s Huntly Mine, Newmont’s Boddington Mine, the Geological Survey of Western Australia, and Perth Mint.

Feedback form participants suggests that the course has provided them with practical knowledge and analytical tools in finance and management.

It has equipped them to be better leaders in their field of work in Africa.


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