AfREC convenes inaugural Africa Research Showcase at UWA

AfREC convened its inaugural Africa Research Showcase on Friday 15 February 2019 to highlight and promote the Africa-focused research being done by the Centre’s Research Fellows, Postgraduate Fellows and their collaborators. The Showcase, which will be an annual event, drew a highly engaged audience of university staff, students and members of the public, with several lively Q&A sessions with presenters.

Showcasing the disciplinary and thematic diversity of Africa research being done at UWA, the day-long event featured presentations on research ranging from ‘issues in African settlement in Australia’, to ‘understanding user roles in low-carbon transitions in Ghana’, to ‘youth radicalisation in North Africa as an aspect of the Arab Spring’, to ‘international investment law and environmental protection in Africa’, to ‘comparative physiology of wild African animals’, to ‘Islamic finance and female entrepreneurship in Kenya’, to ‘how translational research on allergy prevention in Western Australia may lead to new strategies for malaria prevention in Uganda’, among many others (see full program below).

AfREC aims to deepen the social and policy impact of its research on a range of stakeholders beyond academia, including African-Australian communities, local, state and federal governments, industry, non-for-profit organisations, the media and public discourse.

The Centre’s Africa-focused research spans a range of disciplines and intersects with a number of other UWA research entities, including the Public Policy Institute, the Oceans Institute and the Institute of Agriculture. AfREC works with partners through key international research networks, including the Australia Africa Universities Network (AAUN), the Worldwide Universities Network Global Africa Group (WUN GAG) and the Matariki Network, among others.

At the Showcase, AfREC also launched its Research Handbook, Africa Policy Briefing series (in partnership with the UWA Public Policy Institute), and online engagement platform AfricaNarratives. Showcase participants were invited to develop ongoing engagement with the Centre and its research.

Dr Shamim Samani, AfREC Research Fellow, on Islamic Finance and Female Entrepreneurship in Kenya