AfREC participates in JAMBO Africa Festival 2019

The UWA Africa Research & Engagement Centre was thrilled to actively participate in the JAMBO Africa Festival 2019, convened by our partners the Organisation of African Communities in WA (OAC) at Stirling Civic Gardens on 16 February.

According to OAC, the annual JAMBO Festival:

“is needed to provide involved communities with an opportunity to express themselves; share their story with all of Western Australia; break down stereotypes and misconceptions; and build understanding and respect for cultural and religious differences across the Western Australia community Throughout the year, in a variety of ways, OAC brings together the African Community groups in Western Australia to celebrate our diversity and to learn more about each other. This includes events of annual Africa Day, African Australian Week, and Jambo Africa Festival. The Jambo Africa Festival is the largest annual African festival in Western Australia showcasing an amazing array of vibrant music, dancing, diverse arts, cultural performances and authentic African food that transports visitors to Africa. The free one-day event is a fun, family-friendly affair with non-stop entertainment ranging from cultural performances, catwalk fashion shows, artists in traditional costumes and iconic drumming – all creating a memorable and unique experience that promotes cross-cultural awareness and understanding of African culture in Australia. Jambo Africa Festival is a fantastic celebration of diversity and harmony that brings the tastes, sounds, rhythms, smells, and flavors of Africa to life. It aims to contribute to community cohesiveness and break down barriers to the social and cultural understanding of the African Australian community in Western Australia. This hugely successful event involving over 35 African Australian communities and organisations last year attracted a crowd of over 5,000 people including representatives from the three tiers of government, non-governmental organisations. The attendance at this year’s event is expected to be in excess of 10,000 people.”

Organised by AfREC Community Coordinator Dr Dominic Dagbanja, AfREC staffed a stall at the Festival for the first time in 2019. The stall facilitated excellent engagement with Festival participants, with many asking about the work of AfREC and interested to get involved in the Centre’s activities. AfREC congratulates OAC on another highly successful JAMBO festival in 2019 and looks forward to participating again in JAMBO Africa 2020!

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