Introducing the UWA African Students’ Union

The UWA African Students' Union (ASU) is UWA's first African union/club, formed in 2010 to promote the interest of African students and create awareness of African Cultures in UWA and Australia.

Welcome to UWA's one and only African Students' Union! Are you looking to network with African Students? Then you are on the right page! Get involved with the African Students' Union and BE PART OF A COMMUNITY! ASU is centred on the positive promotion of African cultures, engagement with global issues, fundraising for charitable causes, promoting Africa-focused research and networking. It also looks to create avenues for postgraduate students to share their work and bring professional development opportunities to their attention through collaboration with AfREC.

AfREC works closely with ASU, sharing a logo (designed by ASU/AfREC member Abdi Hassan) and with the ASU President sitting on the AfREC Executive Committee. ASU also represents UWA on the Organisation of African Communities in WA’s new African Students in WA (ASIWA) University Working Group. Meet the UWA ASU Executive Committee:



Ade is currently the President of the UWA African Students’ Union (ASU). As someone who strongly believes in serving and contributing to the wider community, Ade has managed to do so in various ways. He has immersed himself in several initiatives with the goal of uniting the people around him to achieve a shared goal. He is also the UWA African Students’ representative of the students’ department of the Organisation of African Communities, African Students in Western Australia (ASIWA). ASIWA provides a platform for African communities in Western Australia to connect and support each other in their respective initiatives.

Vice-President: HALA SALIH

Hala is this year's Vice-president. She is ethnically from Eritrea but was born and raised in Australia. She is currently studying a double major in Genetics and Microbiology & Immunology, and she hopes to do her masters in the field of biotechnology. To Hala, ASU represents a community of people committed to supporting one another and knows how it feels to be an African growing up and/or studying in Australia.



Mango is ASU’s current secretary. She is currently studying Exercise + Health and Korean Studies. To Mango, ASU is a society where Africans on campus can find a community to belong. Mango also recognises the importance of the society to non-Africans. Events such as panel discussions and movie nights offer insight into African culture and awareness of current issues. This helps to create cultural sensitivity in a country like Australia.