Organisation of African Communities in WA wins UWA Community Partnership Program grant

AfREC’s principal African community partner, the Organisation of African Communities in WA (OACWA), has successfully applied for a UWA Community Partnership Program (CPP) grant to support its new African Students in WA (ASIWA) University Working Group.

The CPP scheme is UWA’s mechanism for engaging with community partners: “We’re passionate about our partnerships and creating positive change for the wider community. We embody this through our support for a wide range of initiatives in our key development areas of art and culture, sport, education and philanthropy. Every year, we support community groups with in-kind and financial support valued from $1000 to $20,000. From channelling the inspiration and creativity of our staff, to assisting with venues, merchandise and promotional channels, we aim to make a difference beyond the University.”

The mission of OAC-WA is: “to provide a united and cohesive front of the African Communities in WA. OAC-WA works to promote fairness for and responsiveness of the various African groups for the delivery and design of Government policies and programs. OAC-WA promotes multiculturalism as a fundamental importance that defines what it means to be Australian in the modern time and to address issues of concern for Africans, while recognizing and celebrating efforts that have been made by many African Australians to settle in and contribute in various ways to this society.”

ASIWA is a new initiative of OACWA and the ASIWA University Working Group, coordinated by Sarah Kiden, includes representatives from the five WA universities. A series of student forums will be held to identify the key issues facing African university students in WA. The Working Group will produce a report with recommendations to key stakeholders at the end of the consultation period. The UWA CPP grant will support the hosting of the first and final ASIWA University Working Group forums at UWA. Other Working Group forums will be hosted at Murdoch, Curtin, ECU and Notre Dame.

The new OAC Student Department, which houses ASIWA, will be launched on Friday 9 August 2019.

The ASIWA University Working Group will be launched at the first forum at UWA on 6 September 2019.

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