AfREC co-convenes National African-Australian Diaspora Engagement Conference (NAADEC) 2019

On 30-31 August 2019, AfREC co-convened the National African-Australian Diaspora Engagement Conference (NAADEC) in partnership with the Organisation of African Communities in WA (OACWA), the Federation of African Communities Councils of Australia (FACCA), the African Think Tank (ATT) and the Pan-African Australasian Diaspora Network (PAADN). The conference was convened at the University of Western Australia as part of the annual national Africa Australia Week in Perth.

The purpose of NAADEC was to explore opportunities, obstacles and mechanisms for deepening links between African-Australian communities, governments (state and Commonwealth), universities and the African Union. The national conference builds upon a related conference on African-Australian Settlement & Integration 2030 convened in Melbourne by ATT and the University of Melbourne in November 2018. One of the key points of discussion at that conference was the need to move beyond state-based discussions to convene a ‘national, Pan-Australian, Pan-African’ conversation on deepening engagement between these sets of stakeholders. It also drew on the work of PAADN, set up to be a bridge between the African Union and the African-Australian diaspora, and a range of other organisations.

The key aims of NAADEC were:

  1. To identify and compare examples of practices of engagement between the sets of key stakeholders across Australia;

  2. To generate publicly-available data on the relevant characteristics of, and relationships between, key stakeholders;

  3. To identify both best practices and areas in which engagement between stakeholders can be improved;

  4. To make recommendations to key stakeholders on mechanisms and practices for enhancing engagement between them;

  5. To create better communication and an ongoing platform for networking and continued engagement between stakeholders beyond the conference;

  6. To attract a wider audience to Perth for national Australia Africa Week, which follows the conference.

  7. Promote the convening of NAADEC 2020 and beyond.