We enhance Australia-Africa knowledge through focused education courses and build skills through the provision of professional development and research training.

Australia Awards Africa: Mineral and Energy Economics

The Australia Awards Africa short course, funded by the Australian government, is designed to build knowledge and broader leadership and organisational management skills in the mineral and energy sectors for early- to mid-career professionals involved with mineral resources exploration, exploitation, and governance, including the formulation and administration of related regulatory and fiscal regimes.

GEOLOOC-WA: Geology Open On-line Courses - West Africa

The “Geology Open On-line Courses – West Africa” (GEOLOOC-WA) is contributing to the enhancement of knowledge-sharing in Geosciences by building a regional training network with special emphasis on African geology and related topics including best practices for exploration and extraction of natural resources and minerals, environmental issues, engineering geology and water resources.

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UWA Courses

Our UWA units can be taken as part of an undergraduate or postgraduate degree and vary widely across many broad areas of study including history, politics, and social sciences.

HIST3010: Introduction to African History

This unit introduces students to the rich history of Africa. While the continent's vast and diverse history cannot be reviewed comprehensively in a single semester, it focuses on a number of key themes and important historical problems in lectures and tutorials.

HIST3005: African American History: Freedom Struggles from Plantation to Prison and Beyond

This unit investigates the history of African Americans, from the arrival of Africans as explorers, and later, in much larger numbers as slaves, from the sixteenth century to the present. Students gain thorough understanding of how these radically subordinated Americans fought for and contributed to what it means to be an American and a full-fledged citizen.

POLS3334: The International Politics of Africa

This unit explores and critically analyses the international politics of Africa, drawing on historical developments to examine contemporary dynamics. 

POLS5671: Peace and Security in Africa

This unit explores the main forms of insecurity in contemporary Africa, one of the world's least secure regions, and examines the various actors and institutions that either threaten security or attempt to provide and manage it. (In)security is defined broadly to include military and non-military dimensions—such as armed conflict, gender-based violence and political repression; population displacement; poverty, health and underdevelopment; environmental change and natural resources competition—at the human, state, and regional levels in Africa.

POLS5105: International Relations in the Indian Ocean Region

This unit is designed and delivered in collaboration with one or more overseas university partners. It is delivered on location at a partner university campus as a one- to two-week intensive program involving both formal teaching and additional cultural experiences, plus an online collaboration component. Places are capped and an internal application process used to select successful students.

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Become a Postgraduate Fellow

The postgraduate research fellows at AfREC contribute to current and upcoming research projects with our members.


To become a postgraduate fellow at the University of Western Australia, find out more below: